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Entries with 90% protein sequence similarity cutoff in PDBbind
PDB CodeCheck DatabaseProtein Sequence Similarity
3zosRCSB PDB    PDBbind315aa, >3ZOS_1|Chains... at 100%
4bkjRCSB PDB    PDBbind315aa, >4BKJ_1|Chains... at 100%
4ckrRCSB PDB    PDBbind315aa, >4CKR_1|Chain... at 100%
5bvkRCSB PDB    PDBbind324aa, >5BVK_1|Chain... at 96%
5bvnRCSB PDB    PDBbind324aa, >5BVN_1|Chain... at 96%
5bvwRCSB PDB    PDBbind324aa, >5BVW_1|Chain... at 96%
5fdpRCSB PDB    PDBbind337aa, >5FDP_1|Chain... *
6fewRCSB PDB    PDBbind321aa, >6FEW_1|Chain... at 95%
6fexRCSB PDB    PDBbind321aa, >6FEX_1|Chain... at 95%
6filRCSB PDB    PDBbind321aa, >6FIL_1|Chain... at 95%
6gwrRCSB PDB    PDBbind315aa, >6GWR_1|Chains... at 100%
6hp9RCSB PDB    PDBbind315aa, >6HP9_1|Chains... at 100%
Complexes with the same small molecule ligand
PDB CodeCheck DatabaseLigand Name
No complexes with the same small molecule ligand are found!

Entry Information
PDB ID5bvo
Complex TypeProtein-Ligand
PDBbind Subsetgeneral set
Protein NameEpithelial discoidin domain-containing receptor 1
Ligand Name4VE
EC.Number E.C.
Resolution 1.98(Å)
Affinity (Kd/Ki/IC50)IC50=0.005uM
Release Year2015
Protein/NA SequenceCheck fasta file
Primary Reference (2015) Acs Med.Chem.Lett. Vol. 6: pp. 798-803
Ligand Properties
Formula C24H20FN5O2
Molecular Weight 429.446
Exact Mass 429.160
No. of atoms 52
No. of bonds 56
Polar Surface Area 84.46
LOGP Value 5.45      (Computed with XLOGP3)
5.49      (Computed with Open Babel)
Drug likeness No. of Hydrogen Bond Donors: 2
No. of Hydrogen Bond Acceptors: 3
No. of Rotatable Bonds: 6
No. of Nitrogen and Oxygen Atoms: 7
No. of Rings: 5
Canonical SMILES
InChI String

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